Memorial Park Bench Trends

Posted by Bob Simonsen on March 26, 2013

Amherst Park Bench Engraving

Buying a memorial park bench is a meaningful way to honor a family member or cherished friend who has passed away or even one who has performed a great accomplishment. At the same time, purchasing a memorial park bench is also a great way to help revitalize communities since public spaces, like parks and zoos, often offer individuals an opportunity to provide financial support by purchasing a park bench with customized engravings.

Those interested in dedicating a bench to the memory of a loved one, however, do not necessarily have to go through a third party. Benches can be placed in yards, or, by requesting permission from a city manager, many towns would happily accept a comfortable, attractive new bench at landscaped intersections, playgrounds, outside of libraries and other locations.

Trends in Memorial Park Benches

Memorial park benches with custom signage have come a long way from the slatted wood park benches of the past. Today, benches come in contemporary, modern and classic styles; a variety of colors; recycled materials and unique designs. Custom plaques can be ordered in different shapes with engravings featuring logos and brief messages. Wording can even be engraved directly into many types of benches.


There are dozens of park bench styles to choose from. Because the selection can be overwhelming, it usually helps to match the bench’s style to the location. For example, if a bench is going to be installed in a playground, a good option is a playful Riverview Bench with powder coated frames and steel pipe fabrication with a sturdy seat with rounded rails, which can handle years of wear and tear. Benches like these come in hardwood, recycled plastic and a variety of fun colors, like blue with red or green with natural wood.

A recycled plastic park bench is another attractive option for parks and playgrounds. They’re constructed with 100 percent recycled plastic planks and are available in combinations of ten different colors.

For a more formal setting such as an attractive town square, the classic and ornate Gibralter Park Bench with cast iron frames would be an appealing addition. The Amherst Park Bench is a contemporary twist; the steel bench comes with a variety of unique backrest designs.

Custom Signage

While the typical memorial park bench has a discreet bronze plaque with an honorific message, today, custom plaques and engravings for memorial park benches are as varied as the benches themselves. Cast metal round or rectangular plaques have a lightly textured background with raised lettering. These styles come in a metal or bronze finish.

Surface mounted laminated acrylic plaques can be recessed into a wood or plastic bench or mounted on wood, plastic or steel surfaces. Most companies offer basic color combinations but usually encourage customers to ask about special-ordering unique color combinations.

Benefits of a Memorial Park Bench

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a memorial park bench is that it honors a loved one in a fun or attractive public space. But a new park bench also adds value to a community and encourages people to utilize public spaces, making towns friendlier and more appealing.

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